Søren Ragsdale (sorenragsdale) wrote,
Søren Ragsdale

ZFS update: Solaris Express 11

A few months ago Oracle bought Sun, throwing OpenSolaris into doubt. That doubt became certainty when Opensolaris was cancelled, never releasing 2010.03. For the last few months I've thought this basically put an end to ZFS as a solution for hobbyists, tinkerers, and anyone who doesn't have a commercial relationship with Sun/Oracle.

This week Sun/Oracle released Solaris Express 11. I visited their website and stumbled onto their download page. The "Oracle Technology Network Developer License Terms" only permits you to "use the Programs only for the purpose of developing, testing, prototyping and demonstrating your applications", but it appears to be a fully functional version with a snv_151a kernel. It also supports ZFS v31, which supports filesystem encryption as a new feature.

I moved my ZFS disks to NexentaStor after Opensolaris was killed, but I was never really happy with it. The web management interface was slow, seemed clunky, and I was never really sure what it was doing under the hood. Performance didn't seem especially great as well. Moving my system to 11 Express puts me back into familiar territory. It requires using a command prompt, and without the Opensolaris community it can be more difficult to find answers to questions, but it seems faster and more stable and I'm quite pleased with it.

(Random bug: it won't install to a USB flash drive. Actually it will install, but I get errors when I try to boot from it. You also need to add a line to /etc/pam.conf for CIFS to share passwords with the system.)
Tags: solaris, zfs
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